Theatrial Characters

A sunny room filled with plants and paintings. 1. & 2. are sitting quietly on shelf O, exchanging eyes with 3. in the corner. While 4. focuses on a cat-cow pose,  5. makes heavy jumps.  6. cheers loudly, together with 7.. When 8. leans over to talk,  9.steps forward to listen.  9. is ready to walk over, 10. quitely opens the mouth to sing.  

Theatrical Characters presents pipe-inspired animal-like ceramic vessels. The pieces, modular yet organic forms with ambiguous functions, suggest fictional characters in fur-like textures and bold patterns.

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1. Short oO

A vessel with a short opening. Off-white with black stripes. Carved surface. Stoneware with glazed interior and underglazed exterior.

Unique Piece 
6 x 6 x 3¾ in

2. Tall oO

A vessel with a tall opening. Off-white stoneware with glazed interior. Carved surface. 

Unique Piece
6 x 6 x 6 ½ in

3. Standing O

A vessel with a short opening and foot. Off-white stoneware with dot patterns and glazed interior. 

Unique Piece
2½ x 6½ x 7½ in

4. Wide nn

Open container with three feet. Off-white stoneware with black stripes and glazed interior. Not food safe. 

Unique Piece
2¼ x 10¾ x 2 in